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The Children's Holiday Camp Program is a unique respite program that sees high school and university students take on the responsibility for the care of children with disability, allowing their families to have a valuable weekend off!


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The program began in 1998 with one camp in one Sydney school. Since then, it has expanded to 30 camps in 50 schools and universities. In 2019, more than 670 children with disability had the opportunity to attend a Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp.

Sony Foundation is committed to expanding the camps further to enable more young people to participate in this life-changing program. It hosts fundraising events throughout the year to allow this to occur.


The lack of overnight respite care for the families and carers of children with disability. Furthermore, these children often experience social isolation and a lack of personal and social development.


The Program provides a much-needed break for parents and carers while simultaneously giving the children an incredible holiday, and the teenage carers an eye-opening experience. The Camp is provided at no cost to the families.

Over the course of four days, the student companions will provide 24-hour care to the children. Feeding, bathing, entertaining and tending to their every need. From movie nights to art session, zoo visits to sailing, the companions stop at nothing to give each camper the holiday of a life-time!


20 years on from the first Sony Foundation Camp that led to the inception of Sony Foundation, the program has grown to 30 camps across 50 schools and universities in Australia. To date, 7,500+ children have experienced the magic of a Children’s Holiday Camp. Sony Foundation is committed to seeing the program grow by an additional two camps per year. The Camps, hosted at schools and universities around the country, are playing a part in breaking down the barriers and stigmas surrounding individuals with disability.

Fast Facts

Sony Foundation's Children’s Holiday Camp Program began in 1998.


  • Sony Foundation funds 29 Sony Foundation Camps across Australia, with:
    • 50 schools and universities involved.
    • 670+ children enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. 
    • 1150+ student carers take part in a formative and eye-opening experience as a carer.
  • $1.8 million – the value of respite care provided free of charge to families every year.

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