CEO Welcome


"Sony Foundation is about the ‘we’; the collective and collaborative attitude of the people who support us. People willing to step up and take ownership and responsibility. And in doing so, bringing a voice to those who too often get overlooked and ignored. People who want to make a difference, not just talk about it. People who give not for an agenda, but because they care and people who when asked, say yes more than no. And, the reason why many millions have been able to be donated to fund holiday camps for children with disability, build youth cancer centres and give our young people who have been dealt a much harder hand than each of us - a second chance. So a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for your donations, your time, for giving your word and following through with your commitment.

I want to also to say a special thank you to the Board, brilliantly led by our Chair, Cathy O'Connor. This is a team of genuinely committed people who steer this Foundation with great wisdom and talent and with no other agenda but to make sure every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for your generosity and passionate spirit and for lending your brilliant minds to this cause. And, to the hard-working team of four – Karen, Emma, Grace and Tom who tackle the insurmountable and continue to achieve unprecedented growth of funds raised, projects committed and built and importantly young lives impacted."

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