‘You Can’ is a youth cancer program launched by Sony Foundation Australia in 2010. In partnership with the Federal Government and cancer charity Canteen, we launched this national youth cancer initiative to establish a network of age-appropriate specialised youth cancer centres and services around Australia. Sony Foundation Australia funds these specialised youth cancer centres and services to address the gap in the health care system that exists for young Australians.  


Patient Visits


Hospital Partners


Funding for youth-related cancer research


Visits to peer networking platform You Can Connect 

You Can will continue to change the course of cancer care nationally for adolescent and young adults (AYA’s) diagnosed with cancer. With more AYA’s diagnosed with cancer than children each year, we are determined to give these young people a voice, listen to their needs by working with governmental, medical, and corporate Australia to deliver tangible solutions.


Following a Senate Inquiry Sony Foundation learned of a gap in care that existed for young cancer patients aged 15 – 25 in Australia.


Sony Foundation launched the national youth cancer initiative, ‘You Can’ to close the gap that currently exists for 15 – 25 year olds with cancer.


Ten years running and You Can continues to steadily advance across Australia with new centres, programs and research.


You Can

  • 4 You Can Centres
  • Perth - $1.8 million Opened in 2013 | Melbourne - $1.5 million Opened in 2016 | Sydney - $1.5 million Opening in 2019 | Brisbane - $1.8 million Opening in 2019
  • 1100m2 of space in hospitals dedicated to teenagers and young adults with cancer
  • Future projects: Newcastle and Gold Coast

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Preservation Services

    • Loss of fertility is the #1 impact to ‘Quality of Life’ post cancer for young adults.
    • Free fertility preservation and storage for 13 – 30 year olds at Fertility & Research Clinic
    • Fast access to experts in oncology, fertility and counselling in one location
    • 91% of patients are seen within 24 hours of referral
    • Less than 1 in 4 male AYA patients pursue sperm banking and only 4% of female AYA patients undertake fertility preservation due to cost, time, and access
    • AIM: Ensure each young person diagnosed with cancer has access to free fertility preservation services with expert multi-disciplinary clinical services.


    • 70,000 visits to peer networking platform You Can Connect (www.youcan.org.au) since Aug 2017
    • 4,122 patient visits to a You Can Centre since 2013
    • 6 hospital partners
    • Workshops hosted in You Can Centres by; Youth Cancer Services, RedKite, Look Good Feel Better


    • 3 research grants
    • $500,000 in funding
    • Brain Cancer, Exercise during treatment, applications of Virtual Reality

    Fast Facts

    Youth Cancer Statistics:

    • Approx. 1200 adolescents and young adults (AYA’s) (15-24 years) are reportedly diagnosed with cancer each year
    • More AYA’s (0.8%) are diagnosed with cancer compared with children (0.5%) and 2.1% for the older age group (25-34 years).
    • Approx. 10% of AYAs die from cancer every year.
    • Cancer is the most common cause of non-accidental death among young people (15-24 years)
    • AYA deaths from cancer account for 0.24% of all reported cancer deaths. This compares with 0.21% for children aged 0-14 years and 0.57% for the 25-34 year age group.
    • Approx. 10% of AYAs die from cancer every year.
    • Currently there are no Adolescent Hospices in Australia.
    • About 1/3 of young people affected by cancer live in regional/rural areas. Currently there are very limited options for free or subsidised accommodation for youth cancer patients and their families who must travel.

      "You Can was a speck of light in a very difficult time."

      Jess, cancer survivor, You Can Centre Melbourne

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