A trivia night can be held in your office, home, or a restaurant. All you need is a trivia game or bingo. You can even lookup free trivia questions to ask. Everyone that attends would pay to play and inviting friends and family is encouraged. You can also sell drinks and snacks as well at this event.


Having a casual day at the office is a great way to raise money. Employees that normally have to dress in business attire will be willing to pay $2-$5 to dress down. This can be a weekly, monthly, or one-time way to meet your goal.


A bake sale is another great way to collect a few extra bucks. Employees can sign up to bake and bring in treats to sell in the office or at other events that are being held. A bake sale can pair nicely with a trivia or dinner night.


A coffee sale can be paired with a bake sale or stand alone in an office setting. Pick a day every week, month, etc., to sell coffee to employees.

or 50/50

Raffles or 50/50 can be an addition to any event or can be a fun Friday in the office. If you have something in mind to raffle off that’s great (maybe a gift card or day off for employees). If not, a 50/50 is a good way to go. The winning ticket gets half the money collected and the rest goes to charity.

Your Own

If you have another idea for fundraising please let us know. We would love to hear from you and help put your ideas into action!

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