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Hi, my name is Emma Quinn, one of the ‘Quinn Sisters’ that will be participating in the Larapinta trail in NT in September.

Last year, my beautiful 21 year old sister Mollie was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumour on her leg. 

This devastating news took a major toll on our family, but we knew we had to navigate our way through all the challenges together as a team.

Growing up, I have always had such great admiration for my older sister, sharing such a special and close bond, and a childhood that was mostly full of happiness and laughter. 

From the day she was diagnosed, she has tried to stay strong for Mum and Dad, as it has been just as hard for them as it has for her. This is where being the younger sister, I knew I had to step up and be her strength, supporting and helping her through all the challenges that lay ahead.

Now that her cancer treatment has finished, I want to be there for her next big challenge, trekking over 80km on one of Australia’s most iconic walks.

So we, the ‘Quinn Sisters,’ will be trekking the Larapinta Trail over 6 days, raising funds for the ‘You Can Stay’ program, in order to give back to the Sony Foundation and the Quest Apartment Hotels, for all the help they gave our family during Mollie’s cancer journey. 

Together, we are aiming to raise $10,000 which some will go towards both of us doing the trek, the rest of the money will go to this for amazing cause, which we know will be a lifeline to so many families like our own. 

This initiative has been a life saving experience for my family and we are so overwhelmingly grateful, that I want to do my part to give back to this wonderful community/foundation.

We would love you to support us on our journey by helping us reach our target and help make a difference to the experience of other families. 

Love Emma xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrea Douglas

So proud of you Mol and Emma. Much love from Andrea, Craig, Georgia and Sam xx❤️



So proud 🤍



Heaps of love to you both ❤️❤️

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