The National Ovarian and Testicular tissue Transport and Cryopreservation Service (NOTTCS) allows for patients to have tissue samples extracted by a gynaecologist or surgeon in their local area and for the sample to be transported to Melbourne for cryopreservation.

The service will be provided free of charge to any person aged 13 – 30 diagnosed with cancer anywhere in Australia. They will not need to travel for the procedure and can take place immediately to avoid any delay in commencing treatment.  This will have a significant impact on regional and rural patients who may have previously been unable to access any preservation treatment due to cost and access to services.


Oncofertility is a discipline/specialty focused on caring for young patients having treatment for cancer or other serious diseases which may damage fertility or reproductive health.

Fertility preservation includes treatments such as egg freezing, sperm freezing, ovarian suppression as well as ovarian and testicular tissue freezing.

For many patients ovarian and testicular tissue cryopreservation is not locally available.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has developed guidelines for fertility preservation for people with cancer. These guidelines cover the impact of cancer treatment on fertility, discussing risk, referral and service provision, psychological support and much more.

CLICK HERE to read these guidelines for informed decision making.


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Refer your patient to one of the services for an immediate consultation for your patient to discuss the option that is right for them.


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If you are currently assessing your options for fertility preservation before cancer treatment and are aged between 13 - 30 years old, you may be eligible for free fertility preservation.

For more information to help make the decision that is right for you:

Refer to CanTeen's fertility preservation guide for youth cancer patients

'Maybe Later, Baby' guide 

Call one of the services below to discuss your options


Sony Foundation wants to ensure all young Australians diagnosed with cancer have access to free fertility preservation services. 

Regardless of the patient’s location in Australia, they will be able to access fertility preservation at no cost.

There are two services funded by Sony Foundation that will allow patients access to a multi-disciplinary service integrating fertility, oncology and psychosocial experts to support the patient through the process.


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Fertility & Research Centre, The Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick

NSW youth cancer patients can be referred to the Fertility & Research Centre at the Royal Hospital for Women for fertility preservation which can include egg, sperm, embryo or tissue retrieval and storage.

The service aims to contact all patients within 24 – 48 hours to arrange appointments and those not based in Sydney (rural, regional or interstate) may have initial appointments via telehealth organised for them by the Fertility & Research Clinic.

All fertility preservation procedures will be provided at the Fertility & Research Clinic at The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick.

There are no costs to oncofertility patients for consultations or preservation procedures. The only out of pocket expenses for these patients are approximately $250 for prescribed medications and approximately $200 per year for storage.

Phone Enquiries:
(02) 9382-6666

Email Enquiries:

A patient needs a referral from an Oncologist

Referral Forms:
Cancer Patients Referral Form for Oncologists   

Director of Service:
Professor Bill Ledger and Dr Rachael Rodgers

Centre Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 7.30 – 4pm (and weekend hours linked to booked cycles)

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REFERRAL FORM               


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The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne

Sony Foundation is funding an ovarian and testicular tissue preservation service for any adolescent and young adult cancer patients between 13-30 years old regardless of their location nationally.

This service benefits patients who do not have time to undergo egg harvesting before they begin their cancer treatment.

Patients can undertake ovarian or testicular tissue extraction at any public hospital under Medicare. The service will manage the transportation of the tissue back to The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne where it will be cryogenically preserved. 

The service aims to contact all patients within 24 – 48 hours to arrange appointments with a member of The Royal Women’s Hospital Fertility Preservation Service either in person or via telehealth. Further information and telephone support is also available. There will be annual fees for storage.

Phone Enquiries:
(03) 8345 3227

Email Enquiries:

A patient needs a referral from a GP or Oncologist

Director of Service:
Dr. Kate Stern

Fertility Preservation Coordinator:
Andrea Martin | andrea.martin@thewomens.org.au

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Watch this video where Professor Bill Ledger explains the value of the multidisciplinary service provided to youth cancer patients seeking fertiliy preservation:

Watch this video where Professor Kate Stern explains the process and benefits of ovarian and tissue preservation for cancer patients:




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