Sony Foundation acknowledges and pays respect to the Gadigal peoples of the Eora Nations, the Traditional Owners of the country on which Sony Foundation’s office is located and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Sony Foundation extends that respect to all Traditional Owners of the land on which Sony Foundation spaces are located and programs operate.

Sony Foundation is committed to improving health and social equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, working with program partners on the ground to adapt our service models to meet the needs of Indigenous Australians, while simultaneously maintaining respect for traditional culture and community connection.



We take on the big issues, ones that are often overlooked by society. Through engaged philanthropy and collaboration, we endeavour to positively influence society through social change and to empower
THE NEXT GENERATION. We seek to be the voice for our young people, championing equitable health and well-being outcomes.


Sony Foundation, supported by the Sony group of companies in Australia, commits to creating positive social change in the lives of young Australians in need, through business and technology; centred on Kando (emotion).

In order to have people connected to each other through emotion, we strive to create a society in which everyone can live with peace of mind in a sustainable global environment.

Together, with our corporate partner network, we acknowledge the responsibility to address social issues, and deliver meaningful outcomes to enable a healthy society and a sustainable global environment.


Sony Foundation acknowledges the responsibility to contribute to the advancement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals ('SDG’).

In FY23, Sony Foundation strived to support the advancement of Goals 2, 3, 4 and 10 through our health and wellbeing initiatives supporting the next generation; mobilising sustainable social impact through collaboration and innovation.


Sony Foundation Donated



$1,629,000+ donated to capital building projects and youth services including emergency accommodation, youth sanctuaries, and innovative mentoring programs. With a further $2,100,500+ committed to future initiatives.

Sony Foundation Fundraising Events



$3,034,000+ raised through Sony Foundation’s major annual fundraising events, Wharf4Ward, River4Ward, Brissy4Ward, partner beneficiary events, and other fundraising initiatives. 

Sony Foundation Philanthropic Gifts and Grants


Philanthropic Gifts and Grants

$351,000+ in major gifts and grants donated to our programs from philanthropic supporters.

Sony Foundation Accommodation Provided


Accommodation Provided

$913,680+ in free accommodation provided to 124 regional youth cancer patients, and their families/carers at no cost to them. 

Sony Foundation Partner Network


Partner Network

53 Media and Corporate businesses were partners of Sony Foundaiton, donating funds, services and assets.



Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director,
oOh!media Pty Ltd


Chief Executive Officer,
Sony Foundation Australia

"All of what has been achieved by Sony Foundation this year has only been possible because of the support of our partners, supporters, volunteers, and advocates; our community. A community of people who want to make a difference, not just talk about it.  A community that gives not for an agenda but because they care. 

...By being stronger together, we can make a real difference in the lives of young Australians."


Sony Foundation recognises a robust and diverse board as essential to fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission. 

Sony Foundation’s Board of Directors, as at December 2023:



Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director,
oOh!media Pty Ltd



Managing Director,
Sony Australia & New Zealand

Goncalo Fialho


General Manager,
Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia & New Zealand



Chair and CEO,
Sony Music Entertainment Australia and
New Zealand


Incoming Director (December 2023)

Managing Director, 
Sony Music Publishing



Chief Operating Officer,
Queensland Health



Managing Director National Sales,
News Corp Australia


Incoming Director
(December 2023)

Former Minister, 
New South Wales Government

Peter Ayling


Finance Director, 
Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

stephen basil-jones

Outgoing Director

Executive Vice President, Australia &
New Zealand,
Sony Pictures Releasing


Sony Foundation’s Media, Corporate and Philanthropic Partners are the backbone of the Foundation, donating time, assets, skills and funds to deliver social impact. We believe in collaboration to bring about greater impact, and that when we unite our diverse network, we can do so much more: better, together.


Sony Foundation’s Media and Corporate Partner network has been the backbone of the Foundation since its inception over 25 years ago. The diversity and scale of our partners is unrivalled in this country.

See Sony Foundation's full list of current Media and Corporate Partners here:


In 2023, Sony Foundation supported young Australians with cancer, disability, experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, and affected by natural disasters.

Sony Foundation You Can

Youth Cancer

Our You Can program addresses a gap in equitable health care for 15-25-year-olds diagnosed with cancer by funding: age-appropriate youth cancer centres in public adult hospitals; specialised services; and, accommodation for regional youth cancer patients and their families.




Nights of free accommodation provided by You Can Stay


Patients and family members, supported by You Can Stay

Sony Foundation Hospital Partners


Hospital partners across Australia

Sony Foundation You Can Centres


You Can Centres in operation


Sony Foundation You Can Stay
Sony Foundation Australia


18-year-old, Amber Ferguson, was diagnosed with leukaemia in June 2021. Living in Port Fairy, four hours out of Melbourne, meant staying in the city for Amber’s treatment was essential.

Sony Foundation’s 'You Can Stay' program provides regional and rural youth cancer patients, like Amber, an apartment to stay in with their families or carers, at no cost and for as long, or as many times, as needed while accessing treatment.

"The You Can Stay program was an absolute lifeline for us, being from the country," says Beth, Amber’s mother. "We were accommodated for over a year and our Quest apartment was a home away from home. It gave us enough to have fuel in the tank to get through the next phase of treatment."

“It was our safe place,” says Amber. “And it means the world to me that I had that.”

Sony Foundation recently celebrated the milestone of funding 16,000 nights of accommodation around Australia, with Quest Apartment Hotels as the accommodation provider.

"You Can Stay is the next phase of the You Can program," says Sophie Ryan, CEO of Sony Foundation. "We started looking at what happens to young people from the regions, from the bush, that are diagnosed with cancer. Because of the complexity of cancers that are often diagnosed in this age group, they cannot be treated closer to home if they don't live near a specialist centre.

“We spoke to many families and organisations in this space to understand what is the biggest challenge for people that had to travel for treatment. And, the resounding response was accommodation, the cost of travelling to a city" said Ms Ryan.

"We were committed to finding a partner to bring about a solution and we looked really carefully around the most cost-effective model, because every dollar that we spend on our programs has been raised through the Foundation's work," says Sophie. "Quest came forward as an accommodation partner that was willing to rally their national network of franchisees and provide a capped charity rate. And, importantly, with Quest, we knew that they would look after these patients as if they were their own family."


Sony Foundation Quest
Sony Foundation The Portland House Foundation
Sony Foundation Varian

“…Throughout all of my treatment, my family was there. To sit with me while I cried, bring me food, help me shower. The pressure that Sony Foundation took off our family and allowed them to be there with me during my treatment was crucial for my mental health.”

Tess McMurtrie, You Can Champion. 

Youth Disability

Our Children’s Holiday Camp Program, fills a gap for families/carers with children with disability to access free, overnight respite care. A unique model, where primary care is delivered by high school and university students creating opportunities for social connection in a safe environment, aiming to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity.

Student carers undertake intensive learning and training to provide primary care, providing these students an invaluable insight into future career pathways to care for our most vulnerable, particularly people with disability.

In FY23, Sony Camps provided 465 children with disability and complex needs the holiday of a lifetime, and a life-changing experience for 825 high school and university students.

Sony Foundation Youth Disability



Partner schools and universities


Of children with disability reported feeling happy after Sony Foundation Camp


Of student carers stated they would consider work in the disability sector following Sony Foundation Camp


Hours of foundational disability support training provided to high school and university students


Of Parents/Carers strongly agreed their mental wellbeing benefited from their child's attendance on Sony Foundation Camp


“It is hard to be the best version of yourself and parent, when you are running on empty. This respite (Sony Foundation Camp) has enabled me to genuinely relax, recoup and part fill my cup, so that I am recharged a little to be able to keep on going, and hopefully be a more energetic and engaged Mum again. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart”


Sony Foundation Youth Disaster

Youth Disaster Relief

Approximately 25% of young people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following a natural disaster in their community, but are too often overlooked in recovery efforts. In the wake of large-scale natural disasters, Sony Foundation funds youth spaces and establishes programs that improve social connectedness, resilience, and well-being in communities.

In FY23, Sony Foundation continued to support communities hardest hit by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/2020, opening two youth sanctuaries in regional NSW in partnership with BackTrack and funding the Musicians Making A Difference Regeneration Tour. The Tour provided hope, healing and opportunity for youth in regional Victoria and NSW communities including Mallacoota, Eden, Bega, Moruya, Ulladulla, Macksville, Bowraville and Tenterfield.

Our Impact in FY23

Sony Foundation Communities


Youth hubs opened in Tenterfield and Macksville NSW

Sony Foundation Youth Hubs


Young people engaged in Youth hubs in Tenterfield & Macksville BackTrack programs

Sony Foundation Youth Supported


Young people engaged in the MMAD Regenration Tour


Training outcomes achieved for young people in BackTrack Youth Hubs

Sony Foundation Fire


Young people completed Rural Fire Service training in regional NSW


Youth hubs in regional NSW provide a 
lifeline following the bushfires

In September 2022, Sony Foundation in partnership with BackTrack Youth Works formally unveiled Youth Hubs in Tenterfield and Macksville, NSW - two bushfire-affected communities. The hubs were constructed from shipping containers by many of the young people being supported in the program.

These Youth Hubs were funded by Sony Foundation's grant of $450,000 to BackTrack Youth Works. This donation was made possible from the proceeds of the charity album following the Fire Fight concert.  The album was produced by Sony Music Entertainment Australia, in partnership with TEG, and debuted at Number 1 on the ARIA albums chart.

BackTrack and Sony Foundation collaborated to bring to life their shared vision of ‘pop-up’ youth hubs in bushfire-affected towns where young people in the local programs could also be part of future natural disaster recovery efforts. Resourcefully constructed from shipping containers and designed in partnership with Sony Foundation's supporter, Valmont who offered their design services pro-bono to the project. The hubs will be a haven for these young people, each including a kitchen, Sony home entertainment tech including Smart TVs, Headphones and PlayStations in break-out spaces and a creative studio for podcast and music production. All this and wraparound support services for practical work experience, accredited training and employment opportunities.

BackTrack Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Watson, says that the support of Sony Foundation has fast-tracked the process of setting up in Tenterfield and has grown the capacity of ShoreTrack’s existing services; enabling both organisations to connect more vulnerable young people with youth work, practical training and local employment pathways.

“We are working with young people who have fallen through the cracks of the system, so they need holistic, flexible and place-based support that addresses the many different factors that keep them disengaged from mainstream training and employment. A huge part of our philosophy is plugging kids into their communities and actually giving them an opportunity to give back."

The official Youth Hub openings featured two days of workshops for young people including Aboriginal dance, mural painting, podcast production and songwriting with Australian youth charity, Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD) as part of their Bushfire Regeneration Tour of Victoria and New South Wales, funded by Sony Foundation.

MMAD Co-Founder, Dominic Brook says "Music is such a powerful tool for healing and we know that the combination of the bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and traumatic for a lot of young people. It’s been  incredible working alongside BackTrack and ShoreTrack young people and local high school students to have some big conversations around their experiences and express that creatively.”


“I didn’t have any work ethic before I started and it used to be tough waking up and have nothing to look forward to. Now I love waking up, every day is a good day with BackTrack. I just needed a bit of guidance. I never really had anyone by my side to show me, and believe in me.”

Jake Little, aged 16 from Tenterfield

Sony Foundation Youth Mental Health

Our Impact in FY23

Youth Marginalisation and
Mental Health

Musicians Making A Difference’s (‘MMAD’) ‘Catch A Falling STAR (Special, Traumatised & At-Risk)’ program is an intensive and innovative music and mentoring program. Designed to bridge a gap in youth programs that empower at-risk and vulnerable youth to break negative cycles of abuse and neglect, and ultimately prevent juvenile detention.


Increase in personal relationships


Increase in embracing referral pathways through the use of resources


Increase in mental well-being


Increase in breaking negative cycles & sustaining positive change



Sony Foundation Australia

Sony Foundation and Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) recently celebrated 10 years of transforming young lives through music together.

The 'Catch A Falling STAR' program, funded by Sony Foundation, evolved this year to deliver both in-person and online mentoring and crisis intervention, allowing young people in Sony Foundation’s bushfire-affected regional communities in New South Wales and Victoria the ability to take part.

This initiative has been closing the gap for disadvantaged young people by providing unforgettable mentoring experiences that support them to make positive choices and amplify their voices.

The proof is in the outcomes with the most recent graduates from the STAR program increasing their group’s overall wellbeing score from 44/100 to 75/100. 

“MMAD is such a rewarding program for everyone involved, filled with so much music and love! I can’t give enough praise to the team at MMAD and Sony Foundation for all of the hard work and effort they put into this incredible project!” - Phoebe Ponder, Sony Music Publishing

The below lyrics were written by a young graduate of the Sony Foundation supported MMAD ‘Catch a Falling STAR' program. The lyrics reflect on their journey of working to overcome personal challenges, finding inspiration to build a brighter future and make their own difference in the world through their story and music.

“I opened my eyes. And I begin to see shifting my identity. To who I wanted to be. And advocate for those stuck in the shadows of grief. Diminishing your strength. Using substances for relief.

Nothing is ever definite but definitely everybody’s potential is great. The only limit you ever have Is the restriction you put on yourself. I believe in everyone of you. The power to create whatever it is you want to bring to the world.

When is it time for you to rise above. Stop reminiscing on problems from the past. Failures make character. Encouragement has become so scarce. Even though my insight is kind of advanced. I’m no perfect soldier. I just take accountability for whatever it is that I commenced”

“The STAR program has revitalised my music and life aspirations. Every session was not only enjoyable, but also invaluable at helping to express and defeat the challenges each individual faces. If not for the STAR program and the people running it, I would not be where I am today, so thank you”

Graduate, ‘Catch A Falling STAR (Special, Traumatised & At-Risk)’ Program


In partnership with Youth Off The Streets (YOTS), we address the need for practical and youth-focused social services to support homeless and disadvantaged young people across New South Wales.

Sony Foundation Food Van

Our Impact in FY23


Meal served to people experiencing homelessness by volunteers on the YOTS Food Van


Hours of counselling and supportive conversations provided to disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, and their families/carers


Hours of teacher support through the Sydney Schools Mental Health Program


Youth Education Scholarship awarded with two years of financial and mentoring support


Volunteer hours provided by Sony Foundation's CONNECT Employee Engagement Program


young composer recieves 

sony foundation scholarship


Tilly Jones is a young composer and multi-instrumentalist who was born with Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, FASD, Asperger’s and Anxiety. Tilly is also the 2022/2023 recipient of the Sony Foundation funded scholarship as part of the Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship Program.

Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a young person who may lack the support and resources to fulfil their potential. The scholarship provides mentoring and funding to enable further education and a stable lifestyle for a more positive future, ultimately empowering them to pursue their dreams.

Tilly has composed music for the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival (Austin, Texas) and the Lismore Lantern Parade. Speaking on her scholarship Tilly said the funds had enabled her to undertake tertiary education and to purchase equipment essential to her studies. "The Sony Foundation Scholarship has given me the financial ability and confidence to do these things, and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity" said Tilly.




Sony Foundation’s ‘4Ward’ Event Series brought together 1,550+ individuals from 365 leading media, entertainment, corporate and philanthropic organisations in FY23 at events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The entertainment extravaganzas were not to be forgotten with 10 Sony Music Group artist performances, and a hosting line up of 40+ celebrity personalities and sporting legends.

Sony Foundation's iconic Wharf4Ward event united media and entertainment industry heavyweights in March to raise a phenomenal $1.26 MILLION for the Foundation’s ‘You Can’ initiative, supporting young Australians with cancer.

Known as Sydney’s longest lunch, Wharf4Ward rocked Woolloomooloo Wharf, treating guests to special performances by Sony Music artists Daryl Braithwaite, Amy Shark, Sam Fischer, Pete Murray and Northeast Party House.

The luncheon was hosted by Seven Network’s David Koch, Natalie Barr, Samantha Armytage and James Tobin, Nine’s Sarah Abo, Brooke Boney, Richard Wilkins and Peter Overton, NOVA’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Kate Richie, Paramount's Osher Günsberg and You Can Ambassadors Matty J and Laura Byrne.

The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP [Former NSW Health Minister] delivered a rousing speech recognising the important work of Sony Foundation’s You Can initiative, changing the way cancer care and treatment is delivered to young people in our hospitals, and the formidable corporate network that has enabled this change.

Acclaimed Sony Music Group artists including award-winning singer-songwriter, Kate Miller-Heidke and indie rock band Holy Holy performed incredible sets for Sony Foundation’s corporate and philanthropic network at Melbourne’s River4Ward event held at Crown Aviary in May.

A star-studded line up hosted segments of the event including Seven Network’s Hamish McLachlan and Rebecca Maddern, Paramount’s Sarah Harris and Stephen Quartermain, KIIS FM’s Jase Hawkins, Lauren Phillips & Mason Cox, NOVA’s Ben, Liam & Belle and Paralympian Kelly Cartwright OAM. The Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MP, Victorian Minister for Health, delivered a speech in support of the impact of Sony Foundation’s You Can program in Victoria.

The moment that captured hearts was when Paralympian Kelly Cartwright OAM, who was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer at the age of 15 resulting in an above-the-knee amputation, introduced her friend, 23-year-old Tess, to give a keynote speech on her cancer journey

Fuelled by a friendly inter-state rivalry, River4Ward raised an incredible $651,000 to support young Australians with cancer from regional areas, continuing a long legacy of support provided to youth cancer patients in Victoria.

Sony Foundation's iconic 4Ward Event Series returned to Brisbane after a three-year pandemic-enforced hiatus. Uniting media and entertainment industry heavyweights, sporting greats and philanthropists, the Queensland community rallied to raise an event record of $635,000 for the Foundation’s ‘You Can’ initiative.

Sony Music Entertainment country sensation Brad Cox and Sony Music Publishing artists Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley, threw their support behind the sold-out event bringing guests to their feet with incredible live performances.

The luncheon was hosted by Seven Network’s Sharyn Ghidela and Max Futcher,  Nine’s Melissa Downes, Andrew Lofthouse, Peter Psaltis and Dan Antsey; NOVA’s Ash Bradnam, David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral and Susie O’Neil, ARN’s Robin Bailey, Kip Wightman and Terry Hansen, and International Quarterback’s Kendall Gilding. With special attendance by Sony Music Entertainment Artist Conrad Sewell.

Brissy4Ward was attended by the Queensland Premier, The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, as a sign of ongoing collaboration between the Queensland Government and Sony Foundation which started with a $500,000 funding commitment for the You Can Centre made by the Premier in 2018. The Premier announced a further $10,000 contribution to the You Can Stay program as she formally welcomed guests to the event.


Our partnerships come to life when we innovate, collaborate and engage with our communities to bring about social impact. Together, we have a shared mission to provide our next generation with a healthier, more equitable future.


Three times a year, employees from Sony Foundation’s Media and Corporate Partner network come out in force to volunteer at the Foundation’s ‘4Ward’ event series supporting the fundraising efforts on the ground.

Sony Australia employee, Sonya Saffo, volunteered at Wharf4Ward in March and said "Wharf4Ward was an absolute blast! The team was incredibly lovely, and the positive vibes were simply amazing. Knowing that my time contributed to supporting young people with cancer through Sony Foundation made the experience even more fulfilling. Already excited for next year's fundraising event! Can't wait!"

Sony Foundation 4Ward Volunteers
Sony Foundation Food Van Volunteers


The Sony Foundation funded ‘Youth Off The Streets’ Food Van feeds the homeless in Sydney every evening. For over 25 years, the Food Van has had a vital presence in Darlinghurst, and is an important link to the young homeless of inner Sydney. The Food Van is supported by employee volunteers from Sony Foundation’s Media and Corporate Partner Network, who give generously of their time to prepare and serve a meal.


A shout out to the volunteer employees from Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Music Publishing who took part in workshops with 10 youth participants in MMAD’s ‘Catch a Falling STAR’ program! Funded by Sony Foundation, ‘Catch a Falling STAR’ is an intensive and innovative music and mentoring program designed to assist young people facing severe obstacles that are preventing them from living a life that is nothing short of remarkable.

Mike Connor from Sony Music Entertainment Australia said “Volunteering for MMAD began as a way for me to give back and help those who have been dealt a pretty rough hand but being involved in the ‘Catch a Falling STAR’ program very quickly became something that inspires and humbles me. Watching these young people who have and continue to face adversity, challenge themselves to grow and overcome the very adversities that challenge them is the most rewarding part of the program and keeps me coming back year after year.

‘Catch a Falling STAR’ gives me much more than I ever expected and I would highly encourage anyone who can spare some time to share their experience/expertise to jump on board and help these young people on their path to a newly enriched life!”

Sony Foundation Catch a falling star



The team from PR agency, Adhesive, have provided pro bono PR and Social Media support to Sony Foundation in 2023. Adhesive has actively pursued media opportunities, volunteered and provided training for Sony Foundation.

Volunteering at Wharf4Ward to capture all the highlights of the day for social media, Content Specialist Lawrence Furzey from Adhesive said "being asked to be a part of such a worthy cause was an honour! It was a great opportunity for me to give back to people who need the support. Albeit a small contribution, I was more than happy to join a great team and provide my services for such an amazing event. I'll be back every year if they let me!". 

Sony Foundation Pro Bono PR
Sony Foundation Marathon to Madness


Rob Lowe, Director and Co-Founder of Sony Interactive Entertainment's PR agency POEM, and father of three, recently completed the toughest foot race on earth. A gruelling 251 km ultramarathon over six days in the Saharan Desert, the Marathon Des Sables, in support of Sony Foundation.

Rob said, "day four was a killer… I was utterly cooked, sick and dizzy from heat exhaustion after a full day in the sun. I collapsed on my back next to another runner and he persuaded me to carry on. We got up that day. We walked. We chatted in broken sentences. Driven by a shared vision, achieved through hard work and by supporting each other, we finished. I could never have done it alone. In total, it took me 14 hours that day."

SHOUT OUT to Rob for this inspirational achievement and for raising nearly $10,000 for Sony Foundation Camps which helped to provide free critical overnight respite care to parents / carers of children with disability; importantly, the children enjoyed a holiday of a lifetime cared for by volunteer high school and university students. 


Together the ‘4Ward’ suite of events in FY23 raised over $2.3 million in support of Sony Foundation’s You Can initiative. This result could not have been achieved without the incredible generosity of the Sony Group artists who gave of their time and treasure to perform at Wharf4Ward, River4Ward and Brissy4Ward, ensuring each event was one to be remembered.

In FY23, Guests were brought to their feet with live performances from some of the Sony Group’s leading artists including Daryl Braithwaite, Amy Shark, Pete Murray, Sam Fischer, Kate Miller-Heidke, Brad Cox, Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley, Holy Holy and Northeast Party House.



The insurance industry came together at Sydney’s Concord Golf Course in March for the annual You Can Golf Day to raise funds for Sony Foundation’s ‘You Can’ program. Hosted by Sony Foundation Gold Corporate Partner, SLE Worldwide, and coordinated by ‘The Charity Challenge’, over 140 attended and raised a remarkable $38,500, thanks to the generosity of players.

Raj Nanra, CEO, SLE Worldwide and Founder of the You Can Golf Day said, "The You Can Golf Day is a great example of colleagues and peers from our industry coming together to make a difference in the community and support important causes which are close to the hearts of so many of us."

Sony Foundation You Can Golf Day
Sony Foundation Launceston Grammar Walkathon


Launceston Church Grammar School Year 12 students celebrated the 60th anniversary of their annual charity walkathon, with Sony Foundation’s You Can Stay program named as the fundraising beneficiary program.

The incredible challenge requires students to walk 80 km in 24 hours, and raise funds for their charity of choice throughout the school year.

The students chose You Can Stay to honour the support provided to one of their very own students, Miles Chilcott. Miles, who was in Year 12 in 2021, when diagnosed with a rare cancer requiring specialist treatment in Melbourne. Sony Foundation’s You Can Stay program provided Miles and his family with over 50 nights of free accommodation at a Quest apartment during his treatment.

The Launceston community rallied to support Miles and the students, with the walkathon raising over $70,000!


Special advanced screenings of ‘Lyle, Lyle Crocodile’ were held nationally to raise funds and awareness for Sony Camps in December. Thanks to Stephen Basil-Jones and the team at Sony Pictures Releasing for this generous contribution, along with their media agency OMD who secured over $1 million in pro bono advertising promotion.

Sony Foundation Lyle Lyle Crocodile


Thank you to our Philanthropic Partners who supported Sony Foundation's You Can Stay program, and Children's Holiday Camp Program in FY23.

A generous grant from Channel 7 Telethon Trust (Telethon) supported the operations of Sony Foundation's Children’s Holiday Camp program across Western Australia.The partnership aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children with disability and complex needs in metropolitan, regional and remote Western Australia. 

"We are grateful for the opportunity given to Connor to participate in a Sony Foundation Camp, and being able to socialise with people his own age.  Connor’s companions for the Camp, Tom and Nicholas, were very attentive and had obviously gotten to know Connor very well in a short space of time; both caring young men."   

Parent of Camper, Perth Sony Foundation Camp 2022, WA.

Portland House Foundation’s grant in support of 'You Can Stay' provided hundreds of nights of accommodation for regional youth cancer patients in Victoria who had to travel to Melbourne for their treatment.

“Portland House Foundation is a longstanding partner of Sony Foundation’s because we see the positive impact and social value of their program supporting young people with cancer. With our special interest in supporting Victorian patients and families, we know our funding contribution to the You Can Stay program makes an immediate difference in the lives of many Victorians, providing a safe and comfortable place to sleep while in the city for treatment, and more than that, a home away from home."

- Anita Hopkins, Portland House Foundation

Longstanding partner, Tour de Cure, awarded Sony Foundation a grant in support of the 'You Can Stay' supporitng regionl youth cancer patients nationally. 

“Tour de Cure's mission is to cure cancer and change lives and with this in mind our partnership with Sony Foundation runs deep. By supporting the 'You Can Stay' program we are ensuring that together young people and their families can feel secure that their accommodation needs for their hospital stays are looked after. We are proud of the partnership and the difference we make”.

– Simon Rountree, CEO of Tour de Cure


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