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I'm fundraising for YOUTH CANCER!


For friends and family that know my story - thanks for donating! For those who don't ...
My name is Kate and my journey is a pretty intense one. 
I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when I was 8 years old. This would have been an easy enough journey, (easy enough in 'relative' terms), if I hadn't contracted a bone-eroding fungal infection that nearly took my limbs and my life. After a tough 5 year recovery journey, I managed to walk again and live an almost normal life. 
I thought I had washed my hands of cancer until, at age 19, I discovered a lump in my right breast. "It's just a cyst", was all anyone wanted to say, but deep down I already knew it wasn't good news. 
When I was diagnosed with a hormone-receptive breast cancer, stage 3, life once again fell apart. Surgery, chemo, and radiation loomed ahead of me. 
Cancer had taken so much of my young life already that I was determined not to let it take anymore. Sure, I would still have to do treatment, but I could live this cancer on my terms now. No hair? No worries - big wigs. Treatment? No worries - friends, netflix, chill. Feeling sick, sad, tired, drained? No worries - rally my troops around me and cry/ sleep/ mope as I need to, until I'm ready to smile again. 
YouCan and the Sony Foundation have played an incredible part in the vitality of my recovery, ensuring that young cancer patients are provided with the care and resources they need - relevant to them. That's why I am going on this journey - this five day hike - to raise money and give back to the Foundation and for the young people who are just today starting their journey, hearing the words, "I'm sorry, you have cancer". 
Please help me reach my goal of $3,000 for other young people with cancer. 

While we don't have a cure (yet), early detection is our best chance at survival. So tell your daughter, niece, best friend, students, even your sons and grandsons, to get to know their bodies and their bits so they know what feels normal for them, and what doesn't. 
Thanks so much!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bronte Biggs

much love


Rebekah Beaumont-kerr



Can't believe how inspirational you are Kate! Good luck xx


Karen Lenti

Hey Kate Good luck with it all, you are such an amazing person Love Karen xx


Estelle Palmer

So very proud of you Kate.Love watching you live your best life . Love always


Sally Evans Design Pty Ltd

Wishing you great success Kate Love Sal Greer & Zig X


Margot Perkins

Well done Kate - you are always such an inspirational person


Anna Blocksidge

Always stepping out in the most exciting ways - go Kate!


Catherine Gulhane


Catherine Gulhane


Katrien And Ben

Cheering you on from Wagga!!


Saskia Pickles

Onya Katie 😘


Viv Taylor

Love you kate


Simone Ross

You are an inspiration!



It's only small I know - maybe one day v soon when VIVRA fully takes of I can donate a lot more but know - I support you!


Cate Lloyd-tam

Go Katey Kate - you’re a champion & we love you!! XX



Go bald again with me please it’s sexy and we can get matching wigs xx


John Gardiner


Marcus Poniewierski


Liv Scaglione

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