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Raising Money for Young Adults living with Cancer

In March 2020, I will be walking 50km in order to raise funds for Young Adults living with cancer. Please help me help them. 

Working in Radiation Oncology as well as my work with other charities such as Camp Quality I have seen the impact cancer has on not just the patients but also their families. Young Adults aged 15-25 not only have to deal with their cancer diagnosis but also miss out on those important years that shape who we become as adults. I am here to help Sony Foundation raise money for these young adults and help them overcome obstacles such as fertility, treatment options and social anxiety associated with their diagnosis. These are the things we tend to over look unless you have gone through it yourself. This year I have had the chance to meet and hang out with some of these kids and they are just so amazing to be around to see what they are overcoming. Please help me help them by raising $5000. 

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