Spicers Scenic Rim

YouCan Fundraiser

So in order to raise money for the Sony Foundation I will be trekking almost 50kms over 5 days (Scenic Rim).

So for those who don't know me I was diagnosed with brain cancer (Medullablastoma) in 2010, which involved surgeries and treatment. My treatment involved Radiation on my brain and spine and Chemotherapy to back it up. Since finishing all treatment I slowly got back to living my new life learning about the how the whole ordeal effected my body and trying to build it back up again. Being a fit young man I thought no problem but I was wrong it was a lot tougher than I thought not just physically but mentally.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elaine Brady

You can do ! Mind you I have listened to you walking up a mountain with me lol Good luck 😉


Alana Walker

You got this, Jason. 👊

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