You Can Connected: Music and Mates

28 May 2020

On May 27, 2020, You Can Champions Molly and Felicity shared their journey through COVID-19 on Sky News’ Paul Murray Live, and the powerful impact of music and connection during these isolating times.

Sony Foundation Australia launched ‘You Can Connected: Music & Mates’, a weekly online streaming session held weekly for youth cancer patients nationally. Each week the stream is hosted by a different Sony Music Artist, who harnesses the power of music to provide some fun, escapism and a sense of community for those who are feeling lonely, isolate and anxious.

For young cancer patients and survivors, the impact of COVID-19 has been particularly difficult, through facing additional challenges and stress. Dr Antoinette Anazodo, Adolescent Oncologist and Paediatirc Oncologist said in the interview, youth cancer patients 'have the worry of the cancer diagnosis and how things might change as a result of COVID-19, they have concerns about risk and exposure to COVID-19 within the house, outside the house and in hospitals due to lowered immunity, and they have the fear of isolation'.

“When it all erupted a few months ago, it was definitely nerve-wracking, it was the only thing anyone was talking about. For the first four weeks, I didn’t see anyone…I’m loving Sony Foundation’s Music & Mates sessions, that only a few of us are in. They’ve been so much fun, especially when I have been at home quite bored”

Molly, You Can Champion

“They [You Can Connected: Music & Mates] have been amazing! I watched Tones and I, she was incredible. These sessions are very important, especially with the stress that everyone is under at the moment”

 Felicity, You Can Champion

A massive SHOUT out to Sony Music Artists: Tones and I, Stan Walker, Samantha Jade, Mitch Tambo, Kota Banks and GRAACE, who have each hosted a session to date. Not only have these artists brought music and laughs to our You Can Community, but they have shared powerful words of encouragement, empowerment and confidence.

“You are so strong, so tough and there are so many people inspired by you and I think that is very important to recognize that about yourself, that you are going through, or have gone through, something that is very tough and so early in life as well, I take my hat off to you…I can’t wait to play for you again and to see you all again. Keep your mind in check and don’t let yourself feel sad, you guys should feel proud of yourself - you are strong”

 Tones and I


 A massive SHOUT out to Sony Foundation Corporate Partner, Sky News, and Paul Murray for your continued of You Can, especially during these unprecedented times. 

You Can Connected: Music & Mates an Online Streaming Series held weekly for youth cancer patients nationally. Hosted by a different Sony Music Artist each week the sessions will provide some fun, escapism and a sense of community for those who are feeling lonely, isolated and anxious.

'Music & Mates' is open to any youth cancer patients/survivors - if you know someone who might benefit by being apart of the You Can Community they can 


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