14 May 2019

Over 10 days, Heather will run the 520km, carrying all her own equipment. Facing blistering heat, unrelenting sun and all the unpredictability of a day in the outback, Heather will run each day in honour of a young Australian battling cancer to inspire motivation, resilience and determination for this special group of young Australians.

After surviving a cancer diagnosis at age 42, she began competing in incredible marathon adventures around the globe – even Antarctica! Heather’s life is truly an inspiration, with resilience and determination a hallmark of her character and her experiences. Heather is an everyday person, who has extraordinary experiences, a woman whose story and messages have been heard by thousands of people from young to old, and all have been inspired, and in awe of her journey and smile. Heather’s message is one of resilience, determination, positivity and goal setting.

Heather’s journey will start on the 15th May and you can support her journey by donating via the link HERE. To stay up to date with Heather’s journey, be sure to be following Sony Foundation on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest as Heather takes on the outback for You Can.

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