In Molly's Words - one year on!

08 Apr 2020

On her one year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer, You Can Champ Molly from Bundaberg, QLD looks back on the year that changed her life.

"Almost one year on, I am happy, healthy and in remission and cannot wait to press play on my life again."

In this personal message, Molly wanted to share her gratitude with all of the supporters of Sony Foundation and the You Can Community who helped her get through.


An update from Molly:-

I am feeling overwhelmed thinking about how much can happen in a year.

It’s kinda scary to think about. I’m just so thankful for the Sony Foundation.

You brought me Aliona and when you found me last year I was not in a good place but you honestly saved me from that.

There’s two sides to every story they say. Usually one is better than the other right? Well I have seen this through my cancer journey.

I was only 17 when I was diagnosed and overnight I had to pause my life. I often found myself talking to my friends about what “it” feels like and constantly explaining to my Mum how sore my veins were from chemo. They cared, but they just didn’t truly understand. But as I said, there’s the other side of the story.

That side for me was the Sony Foundation.

I met Stan Walker during one of the hardest parts of my treatment. He was the warmest and kindest soul I have ever met. He then invited me to the Brissy4ward event the next day to meet all the other You Can Champions.

I was seated next to a girl named Aliona, she was similar age to me and we had the same cancer. So we immediately connected and chatted away. From that moment it sparked a friendship that honestly carried me through my journey. We supported each other through everything. She just gets it. I don’t know what I would have done without this friendship. Aliona and I are both now working as Youth Leaders for Canteen as well as being involved with You Can Champions for Sony Foundation.

Almost one year on, I am happy, healthy and in remission and cannot wait to press play on my life again.

Just don’t forget, It is important to remember that there is always another side to every story.

You just need to find the other side to your story.

**Editor's Note: Molly is currently in remission and back in Bundaberg after many months of treatment in Brisbane during 2019.**

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