Dedicate a song to someone in need on October 15

13 Oct 2021

Date: October 13, 2021

As a longtime supporter and partner of MMAD, we are getting behind Musicians Making A Difference Day, along with the music industry, to helping raise awareness for the cause that transforms young lives through music.

Sadly, every year there are 26,400 reports of child abuse and neglect, about 27,680 young people are homeless on any given night, and suicide is still the leading cause of death for young people.

The transformative power of music has been harnessed by the youth charity Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) for almost two decades to break down barriers and reach young people in need through welfare support and creative therapy, nationwide.

“MMAD Day showed me that I wasn’t alone. It’s the best day for young people who have been struggling. By sharing song lyrics that helped you through some difficult times, you could help another young person feeling the same way.” April, MMAD Graduate 

Young people supported by the charity may suffer mentally, physically, emotionally, socially or financially from challenges linked to childhood experiences. For many, the opportunity to express their emotions through lyrics, find purpose in music, belonging in community & specialist support through mentoring, has helped them to not only survive, but learn to thrive.

At Sony Foundation, we’ve seen first-hand the lifechanging work of MMAD with young people, and we hope Australia gets behind and supports on October 15 and through Mental Health Awareness Month.



 1. SHARE: We’re asking everyone to by dedicate a song to someone in need on Friday October 15 with the hashtag #ThisSongIsForYou and tag @mmadaustralia. Help connect young people to MMAD by tagging @mmadaustralia alongside your song dedication on your socials. 

 2. LISTEN: MMAD’s podcast Music Saved Me is a show about what happens when life gives you lemons, and you decide to make music with them. Listen to Sony Music artists including Illy, Conrad Sewell, Mike Waters, Mitch Tambo and Graace by clicking the image below to see how music has shaped and changed their lives.

3. WATCH: This beautiful message and song by MMAD Youth Ambassador Fletcher Pilon

4. DONATE: Because Every young person deserves someone who believes in them.





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