Cancer Survivor Adam takes us on a tour of the Brisbane You Can Centre

26 Aug 2020

Sony Foundation first met You Can Champ, Adam, as we celebrated the opening of the Brisbane You Can Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in November last year. Adam had recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia and was facing a long course of treatment far from his hometown of Bundaberg. 

Nine months later, after what must have felt like a lifetime of treatment and many hours hanging out in the You Can Centre, Adam is in remission and back to life in Bundaberg. He wanted to share this video with Sony Foundation’s community about how important the You Can Centre was to him during his treatment – a haven away from the clinical spaces where he spent time relaxing and hanging out with both new and old friends.

Getting to know Adam in five quick questions! 

1. When were you diagnosed and with what cancer? What was this moment like?

I was diagnosed in October 22nd 2019 and Aml Acute Myloid Lukeemia. 

It was hard to believe at first, when they told us we thought they were joking and it was just something wrong with the bloods.

2. Was it hard being in Brisbane for treatment away from family and friends?

It has been super hard but my mum has been here through everything and family and friends have visited when they can, but still not the same, as being at home with them.

3. What did you use the You Can Centre mainly for – did you spend lots of time up there?

I used the You Can Centre as an area to mostly relax during treatment away from a hospital environment. It was a great space to hang when my mates came - it was really good to be able to sit in an area where it felt like you were back home or at a unit away from hospital and the interruptions.

4. You got to meet Jonathan Thurston and some of the other Sony Foundation Ambassadors at the event – what was that like?

Wow meeting my idols was amazing, it just gave me reassurance these incredible people still care about the others going through the worst, they took the time to listen to my story and wished me the best of luck and thanks to them I’m still here!

5. Why was the You Can Centre important to you? 

It has allowed me feel like I’m free from hospital for a short period of time and just relax for once and it was so good for me mentally and helped me with treatment.

Follow Adam's Journey by visiting his YouTube Channel 


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