Twitch streamers unite and raise over $40,000 for You Can!

What do musicians, gamers, artists, chefs and comedians have in common? Not much except for a selfless commitment to putting on hours of entertainment for their online audiences to raise much needed funds for You Can. Nearly 70 Twitch streamers registered in Gaming4Life, Sony Foundation’s charity stream to raise money for You Can, which ran over four weeks during January/February.

Their incredibly generous audiences donated a whopping 1281 times and helped raise an unbelievable $43,379 for You Can, all from the comfort of their homes! This money will go a long way towards our goal of making sure no young person faces cancer alone. You Can is on a mission to build a You Can Centre in each major city and every dollar raised brings us closer to achieving that.

A huge thanks goes to all the fundraisers that took part in their own unique way, not only raising funds, but raising awareness about youth cancer. Highlights include;

  • Meri Amber and her community wrote a song live during the stream taking input from the chat! This beautiful song is a tribute to the hard times young people with cancer go through as it’s about determination, working through tough times and believing in yourself
  • Jonathan Ong who played a symphony of instruments all from his lounge room to song requests sent through from the chat. This concert pianist and university lecturer had a music jam like no other. Jonathan said, “It’s a pleasure to raise money for the Sony Foundation, for such an important cause.”
  • The gaming, we can’t forget the gaming – we had Just Dance dance offs, Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fallout New Vegas and so many more games played for hours on end
  • Sam Green Media did a 12 hour continuous live drawing stream
  • Little Arty, who usually hosts an art stream, changed it up and streamed from her kitchen cooking up a storm!

Thank you to our friends at Sony PlayStation and Sony Australia for their generous support with awesome hardware prizes as rewards for hitting fundraising milestones.

Stay tuned for more Gaming4Life events!