Changing the future through education…

Photo legend:  YOTS Sony Foundation National Scholarship Program recipients Teskana, Sarah Jane and Jason with Sony Foundation General Manager Emma Pechey

Education has the power to dramatically change the course of young lives and good education goes well beyond the classroom, which is why Sony Foundation is especially proud to have partnered with the Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship Program since 2012. In that time, Sony Foundation has seen six remarkable young Australians go on to realise their dreams with the support of the scholarship.

This remarkable program ensures the young recipients are provided with holistic support, care and guidance as they endeavour to improve their prospects through education.

Along with financial support to help cover costs such as course fees, textbooks and stationary, each recipient receives Youth Off The Streets staff support through a youth worker to assist recipients with issues like budgeting expenses, housing, employment, healthcare, counselling and other service referrals.

But the program doesn’t stop there, each recipient is able to build and develop a dedicated support network is developed through their Youth Off The Streets staff support worker and to is assigned to provide ongoing guidance and support when needed.

At the end of each scholarship, a big awards ceremony takes place to celebrate the young recipients’ hard work, dedication and commitment to recognise their goals and achievements. The recipients are flown into Sydney from all around Australia to commemorate and mark the occasion and to truly acknowledge how hard they have worked to achieve so much.

Recently, Sony Foundation had the honour of celebrating some of the Sony Foundation Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship Program in Sydney. As always, it was an inspirational and motivational ceremony recognising so many talented and determined individuals working hard to recognise their dreams.

We wanted to take a moment to recognise some of Sony Foundation’s scholarship recipients and their incredible accomplishments since having received the scholarship.

“I am currently balancing 3 jobs to help ease financial burdens along with studying at the Australian Institute of Music, coming to my second Trimester. I am rehearsing for shows in the United States along with trying to begin to write my own original pieces and collaborate with other musicians. The scholarship has given me opportunities to perform, network and have a strong support network to help in my career that I am passionate about and doing everything in my power to make my dreams become a reality.”
Sarah Jane, Sony Foundation YOTS National Scholarship Program recipient

“Before the scholarship I was in an unhappy living arrangement and was just about to start my first year of University. I didn’t have my licence and I was in a point of my life where I didn’t believe I could even attend university due to lack of funds.  Now, I am living out of home with my own place, I have my licence, a car, and am in a place I never ever thought I could be. This scholarship has helped me and impacted my life so dramatically I am unable to imagine where I may have been without it. I definitely know I wouldn’t have been able to make it past the first semester of uni and I am so grateful as this scholarship allows me to better my future.”
Teskana, Sony Foundation YOTS National Scholarship Program recipient

“Since receiving the first YOTS Scholarship sponsored by the Sony Foundation I have made many great achievements. I was awarded my scholarship while sitting my HSC in 2012. During this time I was both studying at school while also being a live-in full-time carer for my disabled grandmother. There were many stresses that came during that time in my life, but thanks to the support of Youth off the Streets and the Sony Foundation I was able to still pursue my music dreams.

Since then I have performed in a National tour of China as an independent artist, graduated from the NSW Talent Development Project, received a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) from the Australian institute of Music while performing at Corporate Events for clients such as The Sydney Olympic Committee, The Australian Maritime Museum and the Australian Turf Club.

Thanks to the Sony Foundation and Youth Off The Streets for being able to support me on my journey.”
Jason, Sony Foundation YOTS National Scholarship Program recipient

Without a doubt, the future is looking exceptionally bright for Sarah Jane, Teskana and Jason.

It is with results like these that we can see the true and actual change that this National Scholarship Program is having on young lives all across the country. Dreams are being recognised, goals are being achieved and hope is being restored to those who need it most.

To learn more about YOTS National Scholarship Program, click HERE.