Darling Brando hosts 'Music & Mates'

20 Apr 2020

We might all be at home, but we are certainly not alone!

On Friday, 10 April 2020, Sony Music's Darling Brando host 'You Can Connected: Music & Mates' sharing messages of hope and strength with our You Can Community during these tough times.  

Darling Brando kicked off their 'Music & Mates' session performing a special acoustic version of their debut single 'Beat Up Guitar'. Tom, Vlado and Alex shared what 'Beat Up Guitar' meant to each of them, and how they hope their music will continue to bring joy to those feeling vulnerable as COVID-19 continues to affect Australian communities.

"We send all our love to everybody that's really having a hard time right now...we're just here for everybody else, we want to keep releasing music so people can be happy, and maybe we can put a smile on somebody's face" 

Other highlights from the stream included insights into their writing process, learning how Tom, Vlado and Alex came together to form Darling Brando and a sneak peek into what's to come for the group. The stream ended with an intense round of the 'Four Chord Game' which led to some friendly rivalry between the group. 

Check out some of the highlights:- 

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