Justice Crew and MMAD collaborate

On Tuesday 13th December Sony Music artists and Sony Foundation ambassadors Justice Crew and this year’s MMAD STAR graduates caught up at Sony Music HQ to record a special collaboration as this year’s MMAD Catch A Falling STAR participants graduated from the program. Sony Foundation sponsors the MMAD (Musicians Making A Difference) Catch A Falling STAR (Special, Traumatise and At Risk) program. Catch A Falling STAR is an intensive and innovative music and mentoring program designed to assist young people, aged 15 -21, who face challenges of homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, unemployment, mental illness, neglect and abuse. This program breaks negative and destructive cycles by uncovering the potential of young STARs. This program catches young people when they are at risk of danger or harm, connects them with a strong network of support, and helps them to rise up as strong, happy individuals within the community. Through this incredibly powerful program, young STARs experience their first sense of ‘family’, of being believed in and of feeling safe enough to work through their vulnerability towards their potential and so they begin to shine.

At this studio session the MMAD STARs and Justice Crew recorded a collaborative track that was written and composed by the MMAD STARs. Rainbow Corporate Partners Channel Seven and their Sunrise crew came along to capture the magic – watch the story here.

Later that evening the young MMAD STARs celebrated their official graduation at their MMAD Red Carpet Night. Special thanks to all Sony Foundation Corporate Partners who attended the evening and supported these young STARs.