Innovating exercise for youth cancer

Exercise Physiologist Claire Munsie was awarded $90,000 from Sony Foundation to undertake a research project to explore the benefits of exercise for young people during cancer treatment. It is intended the outcomes of the research will guide future services to better support young people with cancer and contribute to a national project with other Youth Cancer Services across Australia.

“Keeping young people fit, healthy and strong during treatment is something I see as not only important, but essential. Exercise is an innovative approach aimed at mitigating some of the negative effects of cancer treatments; the research in this area is evolving in adult and paediatric cohorts. Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) however are a unique cohort who are physically, biologically and psychosocially different to adult and paediatric patients and therefore need to be investigated as their own entity,” – Claire Munsie senior exercise physiologist at the WA Youth Cancer Service.